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BioTouch Lash Extensions


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* Superbly designed for perfect separation and hair stroke placement
* Individual lashes offer curl and uplifting enhancement
* Like real lashes, fine, and naturally soft
* Different lengths available to customize client’s look
* 3 levels of looks: Natural, Enhancement, and Dramatic
* Little or no maintenance required.


* Long lasting, up to 3 months
* Comfortable and natural just like your own eyelashes
* Soft, sensual and glamorous eyes
* Adds volume and length to your lashes
* Lashes look longer and thicker
* Great for everyday wear
* Both men and women can benefit
* Waterproof and weatherproof
* No need for several layers of clumped mascara
* Eliminates need for eyelash curler
* Fabulous wink appeal
* Carefree and casual
* Full, luscious lashes and big, beautiful eyes get noticed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How long will the semi permanent lash extensions last?
A: The semi permanent lash extensions will last up to 3 months.
Q: What is the difference between semi permanent lash extension and false lashes?
A: False lashes last only 1day to 7 days.

Q: Are there any other colors beside black?
A: Yes, there is brown for soft look, or blue & purple for fun or
a party look.
Q: Will it look Natural?
A: Yes, the lash extensions are a lightweight material that bond with your own lashes.

Q: Are there different looks that I can choose from?
A: Yes, you can choose either a natural enhancement or a dramatic look.

Q: Is there any discomfort during the procedure?
A: No. You keep your eyes closed during the entire procedure.

Q: Can I swim or shower with the lash extensions?
A: Yes, you may 2 hours after the procedure. .

Q: How long will it take to apply semi permanent lash extensions?
A: About 1 hour but no longer than 2 hours.

Q: Can lash extensions be removed?
A: Yes, they can be removed or added if needed but they will naturally fall off after about 3 months.

Q: To what length can I extend my eyelashes?
A: You can extend anywhere from 1/3 up to double the length of your natural lashes.

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