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Intenze Cleanze Concentrate


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Intenze Cleanze Concentrate is an anti-bacterial skin cleanser that reduces redness and cools down the skin during the tattooing process. It’s the ultimate antiseptic tattoo skin prep cleanser, formulated with over 30 years of experience. This concentrated solution just needs to be diluted with one 1 gallon of water before use. Apply diluted Intenze Cleanze to your clients’ skin

Intenze Cleanze tattoo skin prep contains the anti-microbial agent ethyl alcohol as well as sodium laureth sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, decyl polyglucose, and water. You can view the Intenze Cleanze MSDS here.

Each 12 oz. bottle of Intenze Cleanze is sold individually (price per 1). If you would like a case of Intenze Cleanze Concentrate. If you’re looking for Intenze tattoo ink rather than a tattooing skin cleanser, visit our Intenze Ink section.


  • Intenze Cleanze Concentrate
  • Bottle Size: 12 oz.
  • Add Concentrate to 1 Gallon of Water to Use as a Skin Prep Solution
  • Cools the Skin & Reduces Redness While Tattooing
  • Price Per 1 Bottle

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